We provide mindfulness training exercises to help with developing concentration + self-awareness.


The mindfulness exercises also include guided visualizations that assist with teaching empathy, developing compassion + becoming more present in everyday life. This helps youth cope with everyday stresses + cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves + others around them.

Financial Literacy

Money is an important tool.  We help youth discover the relationships between spending, earning + saving in order to teach the value of money.


From money management to budgeting, we teach youth everything needed to prepare for the real world so youth can make effective + informed decisions.

Life Skills

Self Care is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We teach youth to a myriad of life skills to ensure they represent who they want to be + live their best lives.


Life skills we teach include: Home management, personal healthcare, goal setting, time management, organization, decision making, conflict resolution, personal safety, social skills and manners.

Youth Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is on the rise.


Youth participate in projects that give opportunities to gain experience that can then be applied to every day life situations. This knowledge empowers youth to become self-sufficient, to turn passions into self sustaining endeavors + provide tools to empower youth to create their own futures.

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