Our mission is to assist the youth to embody+become their best selves. Our focus is to have the youth embody four positive behaviors/principles:


Ø Self-Awareness: Self improvement is impossible without self awareness. We give youth the tools to assist them in assessing and understanding their own needs, feelings, habits + everything else that encompasses who they are. This also assists the individual to have a strong sense of self so they become successful at adapting to life changes per their individual needs.


Ø Leadership: Luminary Rising mentors show the youth the aspects of being leaders through cultivating confidence, teaching about teamwork, thinking beyond your role and learning about the qualities of inspirational people.


Ø Self-Love: Luminary Rising mentors cultivates an environment that recognizes the importance of childhood experiences that teach children to love themselves by using positive reinforcement, giving leadership roles to youth that are outspoken and tend to disrupt, teach youth non-aggressive ways to stabilize their feelings of self worth and provide an environment that fosters positive internal + external affirmations of self love.


Ø Empowerment: Luminary Rising mentors teach youth how to actively invest more authority over their lives by understanding + taking personal responsibility. They learn how it is linked to having control over their own lives through analyzing experiences while instilling the importance of educational pursuits.