Luminary Rising Mentors advocate for our youth by empowering them.

We develop concepts and methods of study needed to assist our youth in figuring out & understanding who they are & what is important to them to ensure they accomplish their personal life goals.

Also, to develop self awareness, confidence & proficiency in social awareness & action, so our youth can engage in positive decision-making & participate in activities, which improving themselves as well as positively affecting of those around them.

We ensure they have the tools & access to information they need to advocate for themselves & pay it forward by empowering others.

Ideas we address in our programs to engage our youth to become Self Advocates: 


- Self Esteem/Confidence Issues

- Multicultural education & sensitivity

- Breaking cycles of generational curses

- Building positive, self-sustaining behaviors

- Nutrition & health education

- Community building

- Planning for the future

- Financial intelligence education

Activities are designed to direct our youth toward becoming:


- More self-aware

- Capable of successful group participation

- Improved in their writing skills

- Active and responsive listeners

- Appreciative towards Art

-  Aware and appreciative of different cultures

- Improved in speaking skills

- Motivated, active readers

- Active members of their community

- Successful in planning for the future

- Adept in cultivating self sustaining behaviors

- Adept in building and maintain self-confidence

-Critical thinkers